Summer Infant Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Monitors

If you’re new to the world of baby products then you might not have heard of Summer Infant. They are however a major producer of good quality baby products. Here is some information on their bottom and top of the range monitors.

Summer Infant Slim and Clear Digital Audio Monitor rrp £36

I really like the look of this monitor as it’s not too bulky and unlikely to take up much space in your baby’s bedroom. It’s sleek white design is surrounded by a blue led light which can double as a night light. As you can probably tell from the price this is a basic digital monitor. It allows you to hear your baby but not a lot else, but do you really need more? The monitor comes with a portable parent unit and european plug adaptors making it a very good choice to take on holiday with you and at £36 it’s a bit of a bargain.

Summer Infant Complete Coverage Plus Digital Video Monitor rrp £230 (currently cheaper on Amazon UK)

This is a digital video monitor for those parents who don’t just want to hear their baby, they want to see them as well. This monitor has a 200m range, perfect for most houses with crystal clear sound quality. It comes with a wall mountable camera which allows you to keep an eye on baby as they sleep in either colour or black and white night vision. But where this monitor comes into it’s own is with the accessories. Not only do you get a portable parent unit with LCD screen, you also get a tablet sized screen allowing you to see baby in better quality and it also means both parents can view baby without having to be in the same room!

Yes this monitor is on the pricey side but it is a very good example of Digital Video Monitor and with baby monitors you really do get what you pay for.

Award Winning iPhone Compatible Smart Monitor from BT

BT iPhone Audio MonitorWith the ever increasing sales of iPhones and their apps BT have launched their latest baby monitor which you can link to your iPhone – BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor.

This monitor comes in a sleek, white, tower like design (which does look a bit like a modern air freshener or an ornament), which is a departure from their purple/blue and white monitors but does mean that it will fit in with nearly every nursery design.

The monitor is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and once you have bought the monitor you can download the easy to use app for free.

The BT Audio Smart Monitor allows you to listen to your baby wherever you are because it works with wi-fi, 3G and 4G. You can always check on whether your child is sleeping soundly.

The added bonus with this monitor is that once you have purchased the monitor, you and other family members can download the app to their iPhone and all be able to keep an ear on baby. BT uses encryption technology so that only the people you allow to listen in can access your baby’s monitor.

The only down side to this monitor is that it is listen only. It does not come with the added extras of many monitors but at the end of the day, most of us parents just want to know that baby is sleeping soundly. We go and see baby if they are upset.

As part of the new generation of smartphone baby monitors, this is simple and easy to use as well as being under £80. It well deserves the many awards it has won this year.

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5 Baby Monitors Under £50

The cost of outfitting your nursery can be incredibly expensive with furniture costing over £300 and the you have to buy the mountains of essentials like clothes, nappies and bottles. A baby monitor is just as essential as all of these things but they too can be extremely expensive. Never fear here at The Best Baby Monitor we have looked at the market and found some very sensibly priced digital monitors to fit the slimmest budget.

1. MBP 11 – rrp £34.99

Motorola have made several monitors that all retail at under £50. The MBP11 is in the middle of the range. Its features include; 300m indoor range, out of range warning alarm, portable parent unit with belt clip, LEDs to show sound level in baby’s room. It is simple and does the job of allowing you to listen to baby without all the expensive extras that many of us just don’t use. View this baby monitor on Amazon UK

2. BT200 – rrp £49.99

We at The Best Baby Monitor love the BT range of baby monitors, partly because we have
one for our own little one but also because they are bright, colourful and come with a great range of features for a reasonable price. The BT200’s features include; 300m outdoor range, 50m indoor range, portable parent unit, talk back function enabling you to soothe baby (and convince a toddler that they need to get back into bed!), volume light display and mute options on both units. The BT 200 just looks that little bit different as a baby monitor. Again, it doesn’t have bells and whistles but it does do the job. View this baby monitor on Amazon UK

3. Tomy TF525 – rrp £49.99

Tomy monitors look like little flying saucers in your child’s bedroom so as they get older you can pretend they are. Not the most compact of monitors but they are eye catching, with bright lights and certainly not a boring design. This is an impressive monitor for just under £50 containing several extra features on the previous two monitors. These features include; 350m range, out of range alarm, two way talk back, night light on main unit, temperature LCD display on parent unit (this is invaluable in really hot or cold weather as baby’s room should be between 18 and 20 degrees celsius) and finally a lullaby option allowing you to play calming tunes to your baby. View this baby monitor on Amazon UK

4. Summer Infant Slim and Clear Digital – rrp £36.00

The Summer Infant Slimand Clear has a very sleek thin square design coupled with modern blue LED lights. It is a very smart looking monitor for a very reasonable price. Features of this monitor include; 200m range, portable parent unit, LED lights that provide soothing night light, rechargeable battery and universal plug adaptor for taking on holiday. No bells and whistles but the smart design will be an excellent addition to any nursery. View this baby monitor on Amazon UK

5. Hush Comfort Plus Digital – rrp £49.99

This is another monitor that comes with a surprising range of feature for under £50. It’s design is pretty standard looking but with green/blue buttons and an LCD display on the parent unit.

Features include; 300m outdoor range, 50m indoor range, two way talk back function,
temperature display on parent unit, nightlight, 5 remote controlled lullabies, out of range and low battery alarm. There is also a digital clock function with alarms. Like the Tomy monitor the Hush Comfort appears surprisingly good value. Some people have mentioned issues with interference however the same complaint can be made about all monitors on occasions. You just need to make sure the baby unit is in the right place and that you don’t have too many electrical devices near the parent unit. View this baby monitor on Amazon UK

So 5 under £50, there are more out there but this is just a selection. If you are willing to pay another £10 you will find that there are a great deal more to choose from but at the end of the day they main idea is to be able to listen to your baby/child, everything else is just padding.

What is Baby Ping?

What is Baby Ping? It’s only a fantastic digital video baby monitor that you can use with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This means that you can keep an eye on your sleeping baby whether you are at home or away. Perfect for those parents who might not always spend every night at home or have to work away. Even when you have a babysitter looking after your child you watch your little darling sleep while you are out and about.

Using WiFi technology, Baby Ping is interference free and secure. A dedicated free app can be downloaded from Apple and the latest iOS software enables you to see and hear your baby all day every day (if you want to). The unit is sleek and modern, measuring 16.5 x 22.6 x 7.5 cm it does not take up huge amounts of space. The night vision is surprisingly clear and definitely better than some video monitors on the market.

While this is definitely state of the art technology there are a couple of negatives. Baby Ping is only a video and sound monitor it does not come with some of the bells and whistles that other, cheaper, monitors do have. You will need to buy a separate temperature gauge and there is no two way talk back function, which we have found quite useful with our own monitor.

Negatives aside Baby Ping is an absolute must for the modern, techno savvy couple who want to be able to see their baby if they are metres or miles apart.

View Baby Ping on Amazon UK

3 New Baby Monitors for 2013 from Tomy

The baby monitor experts at Tomy have decided to add some new monitors to their range and at very reasonable prices. All three monitors feature the funky flying saucer shape monitor and contoured parent unit. With rounded edges these seem to fit more into our idea of a children’s nursery, blending in rather than standing out and looking incongruous.

Available for under £40 this is a practical and affordable baby monitor that does the job without bells and whistles. Like most modern baby monitors it is digital and has a 300m range (perfect unless you live in a mansion) with an out of range indicator. Both units are mains operated but you do have the option of a portable parent unit that can be recharged.

Available for just shy of £50 this monitor takes on all of the features of the TF500. Added extras include a room temperature display, invaluable given the winter we have just had and stops baby’s room from overheating in the summer (fingers crossed we will have one in 2013). There is also the option of two way talk back, something we as parents have found incredibly useful as it saves shouting up the stairs when one of you is in the nursery and allows you to talk to and soothe baby without going into the room.

Retailing at around £70, the TF550 incorporates all the features of the previous two monitors. The battery life is slightly longer than the other two at 9 hours before you need to recharge the parent unit and the range is 350m. The two way talk back also has the added extra of lullabies that you can set to be played in baby’s room. We’ve found that lullabies can be incredibly soothing when baby is little but as they grow they will enjoy you singing along. The unit also features a remote controlled night light which is also adjustable in terms of brightness.

Mother and Baby Awards 2012/13

Trusted magazine Mother and Baby have announced their awards for the year 2012/13. All the products are tested by real parents so you know that if they say it’s good then it’s really good and you’re not going to be disappointed. The top 3 baby monitors as voted for by the panel are:

Gold – Motorola MBP36

Motorola’s top of the range Digital Video Monitor comes with a 3.5inch colour screen allowing to see and hear your baby all through the night. It’s a very popular choice among parents at the moment, receiving rave reviews.

Silver – BT Baby Monitor and Pacifier

This space age monitor may not come with a video monitor but it is so funky and possibly my favourite of all the monitors I’ve written about. It’s another excellent monitor from BT with, temperature sensor, two-way talk back and a range of pre-set lullabies. But what sets it apart is the Pacifier which projects a fabulous light show to keep baby calm and settle them back to sleep.

Bronze – Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor

Again, like the MBP36 this monitor has a 9cm screen and two-way talk back capability. It’s also great that you can purchase extra cameras, perfect for twins or if you have children in separate rooms.

Baby Monitor Brands – Motorola

Mobile phones are probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the name Motorola but, like many electronics companies they also make a wide range of baby monitors. Motorola have clearly thought about all ends of the baby monitor market as they have produced a wide range of monitors to cater for every budget.

Motorla MBP8 Baby Monitor – A basic monitor that allows you to listen to baby with a sound sensitive display. The main unit plugs directly into the wall socket. It has a range of 50m, not massive but if you’re only sat downstairs then you’r probably a maximum of 5 or 10 metres away so there’s no problem.

Motorla MBP10 Baby Monitor – The next step up and it comes in a design that looks halfway between a rocket and a shower gel bottle which could be handy for hanging on hooks or door handles. The range is 300m this time and you have the added bonus of two-way talk enabling you to reassure baby from the comfort of the living room sofa.

Motorla MBP13 Baby Monitor – This does everything the previous two did and looks like the MBP8. The added extra here is a digital display which shows room temperature, which we’ve said before is invaluable in the heat of summer or the middle of a cold snap.

Motorla MBP28 Baby Monitor – Now we step up a gear and introduce the video element of digital baby monitors. Not only can you hear baby but you can watch them too (and when they hit toddler you can watch them throwing things out of a cot and refusing to sleep). Available for less than £100 this monitor does everything the MBP13 can, plus it has 5 pre programmed lullabies, very useful as a distraction or soothing aid depending on the age of your child. Additional cameras are also available for this unit so you could monitor more than one child at a time.

Motorla MBP31 Baby Monitor – Reprising the space rocket design this video monitor’s parent unit seems a bit more portable so useful for going on holiday. It has a 2.4in screen, temperature gauge, two way talk function and 3 lullabies.

Motorla MBP36 Baby Monitor – This one of the more expensive baby monitors but it does have all the key features and a much larger screen on the parent unit (which looks more like a mini portable t.v.). The video camera has more functions and can pan, tilt and zoom in giving you a much better view of you sleeping baby. It’s won a Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Silver award 2011/12 so you know that it’s worth the price you pay.

Motorla MFV700 Baby Monitor – Not your average monitor, this is in fact a digital photo frame as well. Where many parent units look a bit white and obvious, this sleek black design looks like a modern digital photo frame and will be a welcome addition to any living room. The monitor includes Live video-in-picture viewing, digital security, snap photos from the camera and store on the memory card, clock, alarm and calendar function, hear audio from the camera in the frame and user selectable slideshows.

BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor

This BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor is the classic baby monitor and it does all the essentials: good noise quality, volume control and mute buttons (half-mute and complete mute), vibrate and visual crying alarm, link alert at both ends, lullaby music (several choices of classical and ‘spa-relaxation’ types) that isn’t too naff or electronic, temperature gauge, good distance for monitor from the base unit, nightlight on the base, torch on the receiver, and a microphone that is sensitive enough that a worrying mummy can hear her precious baby breathing / snuffling, or in our case, snoring! It doesn’t do any of the flashy extras – no camera, no heart rate monitor, no breathing monitor, but then we didn’t want the extras. The only criticism is that the battery will run down over the course of a few days if you leave the handset on permanently, even if it’s on the charging base, and in the early days this can be a pain (one more job to remember). However, it’s ridiculously easy to use, has had no issues in the year-plus we’ve had it, is sturdy enough to survive encounters with both our stairs and our daughter, and i’d replace like for like if I had to. Excellent quality, four shiny gold stars.

By Hampshire Mum

You can buy the BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor at Amazon UK.

The Heat Is Rising – Why It’s Good To Have a Temperature Sensor

Even though it’s maybe not quite as hot and sunny as we would like this summer, it is still warm and your baby’s bedroom can get quite hot at night. It is recommended that babies sleep in a room between 16 and 20 degrees celsius. All very well in March or October but in July and August it can be hard to get the temperature down past 21 degrees; and believe me I have tried.

The easiest way to check your baby’s room temperature is to have an integrated sensor on your baby monitor. Yes you can buy separate wall mounted, colour co-ordinated with the nursery range ones, but why do that when you don’t have to. One glance at the parent unit and you can see how warm or cold your baby’s room is, giving you a better idea of what they should be wearing in bed and whether or not to open the window.

Baby monitors with temperature displays that are visible are readily available and many come with an alarm to tell you if the room is getting too hot. Good examples on the market include:

Introducing the ‘Pacifier’ Baby Monitor from BT

I had just been searching the internet for new and interesting baby monitors when I came across a funky new design from the people at BT. BT is a trusted brand and one that I can personally recommend as I own a BT monitor. Now I am going to have to admit to a bit of baby monitor envy as I don’t think my husband is going to let me replace our old monitor to get this one. Currently the BT Pacifier has 38 five star ratings on Amazon as is proving to be very popular, but if you want to know more here’s what BT say about their amazing new monitor.

“BT’s award-winning baby monitor range just got even better

The New Baby Monitor Pacifier comes with a projected lightshow, MP3 connection, HD-sound and a wider range of lullabies – giving you even more peace of mind with your baby. Voted the ‘Best Baby Monitor Brand’ by Prima Baby & Parenting Magazine and also the best-selling digital baby monitor brand since January 2010 (Source: NPD, Aug 2011), BT has recently has refreshed its award-winning baby monitor range with the Baby Monitor 200 and 250. Now, we are pleased to announce the new arrival – the Baby Monitor Pacifier (aka ‘The Pacifier’), which will improve the way mums and dads use their baby monitors.
So what’s so good about the Pacifier?

HD Sound and Parental Talk-back

Like the BT Baby Monitor 200 and 250, the brand new Baby Monitor Pacifier has crystal clear HD sound, and a talk-back feature. The parental talk-back allows you to calm your baby when you’re not in the room, while the Hi-definition Sound (Hi-dS) ensures no more crackling sounds or interference.

Projected Light Show and Lullabies

The Pacifier comes with a “starry night” projected light show combined with a wide-range of lullabies (from Mozart to “twinkle, twinkle”), all of which have been proven to calm and relax babies.

Auxiliary iPod / MP3 Music Input

The Pacifier also has an iPod / MP3 connection so that you can play the baby its favourite song – or just listen to your own music while you’re changing nappies!

Huge Range

It has a huge range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, so you can be sure to always be in contact as you move around your home.

Rechargeable Batteries

The parent unit contains rechargeable batteries, giving you the freedom to move around and normally within your home while still keeping contact with your baby.

Nightlight and Torch

Once baby is asleep, you won’t want to wake him or her up. The featured nightlight and torch functions allow you to find your way around baby’s room without having to turn on the main light

Check the Temperature, Set Reminders

The BT Baby Monitor Pacifier comes with a screen on the parent unit that allows you to check the temperature in the room, change the lullabies and set reminders, wherever you are. The Pacifier also includes a temperature-changing nightlight that shows you at a glance how warm or cold baby’s room is.

Alerts and Reminders

The monitor allows you to set a reminder for bed time, feeding or even your favourite TV programme. All of our monitors come with various modes of alerting you to sounds in the baby’s room – full sound monitoring, beeping, flashing lights, or vibrating – ideal for when you’re busy doing other things and need to put the monitor in your pocket.

Travel Bag

The BT Baby Monitor Pacifier comes with a handy travel bag, allowing you to easily bring the monitor with you when you’re out and about visiting relatives.”

Personally I think the design and colours really help this monitor stand out, but it’s the projected light show that really makes the BT Pacifier a cut above monitors in a similar price bracket.

Please click here to learn more about the BT Baby Monitor Pacifier or to purchase from Amazon UK.

Photo copyright BT